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Thursday, 29 July 2010


2 X Dark Rye Rivita = 2X 38 cal
1 X Small spoon of low fat hummus = 43 cal

Half tin of soup = 104 cal
cup of tea no sugar = 13 cal

3 X  Dark Rye Rivita = 3X 38 cal
2 X Carrots = 2 X 13 cals
1 X Banana = 95 cals
1X cup of tea with sugar = 29 cals

I probably shouldn't have had the sugar in the last tea but I was just so tired, that I needed something to keep me awake in work. I walked the long way home anyway, so I should have burnt that off.

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  1. Haha there are adverts for Flora, low carb recipes and diet pills below this post!